jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014


En la entrada anterior dije que les iba a mostrar algunos de los mensajes scam que me llegaron, así que acá los tienen.
We are looking for an aupair and I just discovered your profile in easyauapair, which matches perfectly with our family. You arrive as a tourist; if you need a tourist visa you must organise it yourself. After your arrival we will organise a student visa valid one year.
Here our profile and job conditions:
We speak daily german and english at home, sometimes french. You are welcome in Zurich if you are looking for a new job or not happy in your actual family.
Zurich is really not so fashionable than London or Paris, but the quality of life is excellent and its relatively easy to find a good job.
I aprreciated the presentation of your profile ; you have a very interesting personality. We are very interested to have you here IMMEDIATELY OR LATER (WHEN CAN YOU ARRIVE? HOW LONG DO YOU PLAN TO REMAIN?)
We speak normally german and english at home. After learning languages you could continue - if you wish - your studies here in Zurich or find a good job corresponding to your studies and interests. If you are interested, send immediately CV and 2-3 recent photos.

I am living in a new flat in the center of Zurich (near the Oerlikon train station) and working as a medical doctor. Living with us you can improve english and german and learn french, italian, spanish or portuguese. We need your presence principally for helping cooking and keeping the 4-room-2-bathroom apartment clean. It's a 3-hour-job per day; the rest f the day you can study languages at home and go - if you wish - to languages courses (we pay for them) . After you have learned basics of german, you can do babysitting (paid 20 euros/hour) in the families of our friends doctors.
One room (with PC, WiFi, TV, CD-player) and one bathroom are reserved for the aupair. your salary will be 1.000 euros first month; later it will be more according to your capacity and experience. You are welcome for any period between 6 and 24 months.
I dont have skype; if you want to hear my voice, phone me 0041 78 7613764

Our hobbies and interests: Visiting art exhibitions and Music festivals all over Switzerland, sometimes in other countries. Going to concerts (from classic to jazz to pop to hardrock). Doing sports (cycling, jogging, swimming, skiing, etc.)

Conclusion: 2 adults live in the apartment in the center of Zurich: cooking both meals and keeping the apartment clean is a 3 hours job; the rest of the day you can decide yourself your activities.
Angelo Maria
PS: For my job as medical manager I must visit hospitals in California and Australia twice a year. You can join for the trip if you wish. In all these places many doctors are my friends because I worked - in hospitals as a M.D. - 2 years in Melbourne, 1 year in LosAngeles. Visiting all these places with me may be you meet the "ideal" family and decide to spend some time with them.
If you love travelling and learning languages, we are the perfect family; if you are interested, send immediately CV and 2-3 recent photos
Hello Au pair, 
 How are you doing? I went through your profile at
http://www.easyaupair.com and was highly interested in your service to be my beloved son's Au pair. I am Mrs. Sophia Wright, a window that works with a Telecommunication company here in the UK, London, and my son, Jude is (4) which I just enroll him at a kindergarten school. I lost my husband in an auto crash accident a year and few months ago. Due to my varying and lengthy working hours, I am looking for someone who is caring, flexible and appreciates family values and will be willing to be a special friend to my beloved son, someone i can trust to treat as a family/friend and not just as an Au pair. I am easy to get along with and will really want to make you feel comfortable and at home. Your one and only duty will be basically to take good care of Jude, I already have a housekeeper who cleans the house. You will be provided with a well furnished room with its own bathroom, a desk phone and computer system with full internet access. You are also allowed a car for your easy accessibility and also in the case of emergency. I can only afford to pay you 600GBP (Six hundred pounds) weekly and 100GBP allowance to see to Jude's after needs and i hope you can accept that. I will also pay for your documents and travel expenses.
Kindly get back to me with your updated Resume/CV and few pictures of yours if interested, so we will get to know each other more better and also tell you more about your job.
Mrs. Wright.

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  1. Resulta que yo tambien he recibido el primer mensaje que has escrito en esta entrada y como primeriza que soy he picado.
    He intercambiado varios email con el hasta que me he intentado buscarlo en google y me he encontrado el pastel...

    Demasiado bueno para ser real, si.